KSMHSS is rewarded by many as one of the best schools in Tamil Nadu. But what makes it such a successful school?

First of all, we exist to provide an English-speaking education that encourages academic excellence and stimulates social development within a culturally diverse environment. Students are encouraged to reach their full potential, prepared to think globally, with the commitment to justice and challenged to act responsibly in a consistently changing society.
The facts are:

1. We are a school with a consistent community track record for achieving the highest academic results.

2. We have a comprehensive curriculum that is varied to cater for all students' needs.

3. We have invested over the past 5 years in developing our campus, with the objective of giving our students the very best environment and facilities to study in.

4. We have a Visual and Performing Arts program and facility which is probably the best in thanjavur today.

5. Our Athletics program is rewarded by many as one of the most comprehensive of any of the matriculation schools in Tamil Nadu and one that has seen significant success over the last 15 years.

6. More than all of this we are a community, a phrase that is often over used when it comes to schools, but the KSMHSS experience gives students, parents and teachers something that is very special - a feeling of unity, friendship and fun - a unique experience.