Our spacious, well ventilated and fully conditioned classrooms serve as assembly areas where students receive instruction, plan and research in various disciplines. Work areas are equipped with supply and equipments storage for convenient access. Our Kindergarten classrooms are equipped with audio-visual aids and computer resources to enhance student participation.

Arts & Crafts Club

Children are encouraged to convert the wastes into beautiful products like Candle holders using coconut shell, aero plan models using used bottles.

Special Talents

All our courses are Skills Development oriented and taught in a scientific manner by well trained faculties. Hence our training methods are result oriented. First we assess the existing skills of a Student and the areas where they need to improvise. Accordingly, before admitting a student to a particular course, we will give you the genuine feedback about the approximate percentage of improvement one can see within the course duration. We will make sure, you have the complete information and assurance, before you invest your money, time and efforts in our Courses.

Teach next

Apart from digital classroom hardware and content, the Teach next ecosystem includes various features that make everything from planning a class to evaluating students very effective. We are having 33 teach next class rooms in our school.