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Where each individual is afforded the opportunity for optimal growth, our Primary School sees this growth, in all its aspects, as an on- going process and:

  • Enables the students to express themselves clearly.

  • Encourages curiosity and independence of thought.

  • Provides an individualized programme according to his or her needs, ability and potential.

  • Challenges students to realize that potential.

  • Promotes physical development through a diverse athletics programme.

  • Encourages creative and cultural opportunities in an enriched fine arts programme.

In the primary School we believe that we must prepare individuals to hope with the complexities of a contemporary and rapidly changing society. We therefore:

  • Offer the opportunity to each student to attain fluency in at least one language other than her / his native tongue.

  • Promote a healthy lifestyle through an interest in lifetime sports and athletics, fostering team spirit and sportsmanship which will enable students to cope with the stresses of contemporary living.

  • Develop an open- minded attitude towards new technology.

  • Encourage the purposeful use of materials and techniques which will enhance the growth of the individual throughout life.

School Hours : L.K.G. - V Std. : 9.15 a.m. to 3.40 p.m.

School Uniform

The purpose of the Primary School Uniform Policy is to provide a regular appearance, and to assure adequate protection from the climate, consistent with school activity. The uniform policy promotes the development of good personal grooming habits. The wearing of the school uniform is obligatory. All items should be marked with the student’s name.

Pattern of uniform is available in the school office


MONDAY House Colour T-Shirt & White Trousers. Shoes: White Canvas & White Socks House Colour T-Shirt & pinafore Shoes: White Canvas & White socks
TUESDAY to FRIDAY Blue striped shirt (TC) Navy blue Trousers &NavyBlueTie Shoes: Black (leather) & Navy Blue Socks Blue striped shirt (TC) Navy blue pinafore & Navy BlueTie Shoes: Black (leather) & Navy Blue Socks

Primary School

We see the Primary School as one of the key building blocks to students development and future success. We therefore believe in a well structured approach to our teaching with a clear set of goals.

Realised in a caring atmosphere, the Primary School :

  • Fosters in each student a sense of personal worth.

  • Creates a caring community which is family-oriented and supportive of the best of family values.

  • Seeks a safe and secure environment for the physical and moral well- being of all its students.

  • Heightens students' ecological awareness and their sense of responsibility towards world conservation.